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Numerical and experimental investigation of the isothermal assumption in selective laser sintering of PA12 (2020) Soldner D, Greiner S, Burkhardt C, Drummer D, Steinmann P, Mergheim J Journal article Improving the coloring of polypropylene materials for powder bed fusion by plasma surface functionalization (2020) Gomez Bonilla JS, Szymczak T, Zhou X, Schrüfer S, Dechet M, Schmuki P, Schubert DW, et al. Journal article Production of polymer-metal hybrids using extrusion-based additive manufacturing and electrochemically treated aluminum (2020) Hertle S, Kleffel T, Wörz A, Drummer D Journal article Investigation of the influence of exposure time on the dual-curing reaction of RPU 70 during the DLS process and the resulting mechanical part properties (2020) Obst P, Riedelbauch J, Oehlmann P, Rietzel D, Launhardt M, Schmölzer S, Osswald TA, Witt G Journal article Implementation of shear thinning behavior in the fused filament fabrication melting model: Analytical solution and experimental validation (2020) Colón Quintana JL, Hiemer S, Granda Duarte N, Osswald T Journal article Weld seam morphology and bond strength of infrared and vibration welded SLS parts of polyamide 12 as a function of the layer build-up direction and the welding process (2020) Wolf M, Werner J, Drummer D Journal article Fused filament fabrication, debinding and sintering as a low cost additive manufacturing method of 316L stainless steel (2019) Thompson Y, Gonzalez-Gutierrez J, Kukla C, Felfer P Journal article Direct ink writing of three dimensional Ti2AlC porous structures (2019) Elsayed H, Chmielarz A, Potoczek M, Fey T, Colombo P Journal article A novel approach for understanding laser sintering of polymers (2019) Drummer D, Greiner S, Zhao M, Wudy K Journal article Aging effects of polyamide 12 in selective laser sintering: Molecular weight distribution and thermal properties (2019) Wudy K, Drummer D Journal article, Original article
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