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Correlation of powder degradation, energy absorption and gas pore formation in laser-based powder bed fusion process of AlSi10Mg0.4 (2022) Fiegl T, Franke M, Körner C Journal article A novel approach for powder bed-based additive manufacturing of compositionally graded composites (2022) Fu Z, Ye J, Franke M, Körner C Journal article Very high cycle fatigue durability of an additively manufactured single-crystal Ni-based superalloy (2022) Bortoluci Ormastroni LM, Lopez-Galilea I, Pistor J, Ruttert B, Körner C, Theisen W, Villechaise P, et al. Journal article Development of a manufacturing process for Binder Jet 3D printed porous Al2O3 supports used in heterogeneous catalysis (2022) Bui HM, Fischer R, Szesni N, Tonigold M, Achterhold K, Pfeiffer F, Hinrichsen O Journal article Directed energy deposition of γ/γ' Co-Al-W superalloys (2022) Haußmann L, Yoo B, Jung C, Ryou K, Choi WS, Haußmann L, Yang S, et al. Journal article, Original article Multi-material printing of reaction bonded carbides by robocasting (2021) Wahl L, Weichelt M, Travitzky N Journal article Influence of vibrating recoating mechanism for the deposition of powders in additive manufacturing: Discrete element simulations of polyamide 12 (2021) Schiochet Nasato D, Briesen H, Pöschel T Journal article A gravity-independent powder-based additive manufacturing process tailored for space applications (2021) Lopez-D'Angelo O, Kuthe F, Liu SJ, Wiedey R, Bennett JM, Meisnar M, Barnes A, et al. Journal article, Original article Ultra-short pulsed laser powder bed fusion of Al-Si alloys: Impact of pulse duration and energy in comparison to continuous wave excitation (2021) Ullsperger T, Liu D, Yuerekli B, Matthaeus G, Schade L, Seyfarth B, Kohl H, et al. Journal article A multivariate meltpool stability criterion for fabrication of complex geometries in electron beam powder bed fusion (2021) Breuning C, Arnold C, Markl M, Körner C Journal article, Original article
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