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Porosity in wire arc additive manufacturing of aluminium alloys (2021) Hauser T, Reisch RT, Breese PP, Lutz B, Pantano M, Nalam Y, Bela K, et al. Journal article Influence of random and designed porosities on 3D printed tricalcium phosphate-bioactive glass scaffolds (2021) Bose S, Bhattacharjee A, Banerjee D, Boccaccini AR, Bandyopadhyay A Journal article Towards a generally applicable methodology for the characterization of particle properties relevant to processing in powder bed fusion of polymers – from single particle to bulk solid behavior (2021) Hesse N, Winzer B, Peukert W, Schmidt J Journal article In-situ electron optical measurement of thermal expansion in electron beam powder bed fusion (2021) Arnold C, Körner C Journal article Development of poly(L-lactide) (PLLA) microspheres precipitated from triacetin for application in powder bed fusion of polymers (2020) Dechet M, Demina A, Römling L, Gomez Bonilla JS, Lanyi F, Schubert DW, Bück A, et al. Journal article, Original article Modeling robocasting with smoothed particle hydrodynamics: Printing gap-spanning filaments (2020) Dietemann B, Bosna F, Lorenz MM, Travitzky N, Kruggel-Emden H, Kraft T, Bierwisch C Journal article Small scale testing of IN718 single crystals manufactured by EB-PBF (2020) Gotterbarm M, Seifi M, Melzer D, Džugan J, Salem AA, Liu ZH, Körner C Journal article How colloidal surface additivation of polyamide 12 powders with well-dispersed silver nanoparticles influences the crystallization already at low 0.01 vol% (2020) Hupfeld T, Sommereyns A, Schuffenhauer T, Zhuravlev E, Krebs M, Gann S, Keßler O, et al. Journal article Influence of particle shape in additive manufacturing: Discrete element simulations of polyamide 11 and polyamide 12 (2020) Schiochet Nasato D, Pöschel T Journal article Numerical and experimental investigation of the isothermal assumption in selective laser sintering of PA12 (2020) Soldner D, Greiner S, Burkhardt C, Drummer D, Steinmann P, Mergheim J Journal article
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