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eISSN: 1097-0207
Publisher: Wiley

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Robust design optimization for enhancing delamination resistance of composites (2022) Singh S, Pflug L, Mergheim J, Stingl M Journal article A nonlocal interface approach to peridynamics exemplified by continuum‐kinematics‐inspired peridynamics (2022) Laurien M, Javili A, Steinmann P Journal article Numerical modeling of nonlinear photoelasticity (2022) Mehnert M, Oates W, Steinmann P Journal article Vibration analysis of piezoelectric Kirchhoff–Love shells based on Catmull–Clark subdivision surfaces (2022) Liu Z, McBride A, Saxena P, Heltai L, Qu Y, Steinmann P Journal article A p-adaptive, implicit-explicit mixed finite element method for diffusion-reaction problems (2022) Wakeni MF, Aggarwal A, Kaczmarczyk Ł, McBride AT, Athanasiadis I, Pearce CJ, Steinmann P Journal article A particle‐continuum coupling method for multiscale simulations of viscoelastic‐viscoplastic amorphous glassy polymers (2021) Zhao W, Steinmann P, Pfaller S Journal article, Original article A finite element formulation for a direct approach to elastoplasticity in special Cosserat rods (2021) Smriti , Kumar A, Steinmann P Journal article A nonsmooth generalized-alpha method for mechanical systems with frictional contact (2021) Capobianco G, Harsch J, Eugster SR, Leine RI Journal article, Original article Towards robust, fast solutions of elliptic equations on complex domains through hybrid high-order discretizations and non-nested multigrid methods (2021) Di Pietro DA, Hulsemann F, Matalon P, Mycek P, Rüde U, Ruiz D Journal article Variationally consistent computational homogenization of chemomechanical problems with stabilized weakly periodic boundary conditions (2021) Käßmair S, Runesson K, Steinmann P, Jänicke R, Larsson F Journal article
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