International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering

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ISSN: 0029-5981
eISSN: 1097-0207
Publisher: Wiley

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A matrix-free approach for finite-strain hyperelastic problems using geometric multigrid (2020) Davydov D, Pelteret JP, Arndt D, Kronbichler M, Steinmann P Journal article Fuzzy-Stochastic FEM-based homogenization framework for materials with polymorphic uncertainties in the microstructure (2018) Pivovarov D, Oberleiter T, Willner K, Steinmann P Journal article, Online publication Time finite element based Moreau-type integrators (2018) Capobianco G, Eugster SR Journal article, Original article On structural shape optimization using an embedding domain discretization technique (2017) Riehl S, Steinmann P Journal article, Original article Computational electro- and magneto-elasticity for quasi-incompressible media immersed in free space (2016) Pelteret JP, Davydov D, McBride A, Vu DK, Steinmann P Journal article On the adaptive finite element analysis of the Kohn-Sham equations: Methods, algorithms, and implementation. (2015) Davydov D, Young T, Steinmann P Journal article, Original article Identification of elastoplastic microscopic material parameters within a homogenization scheme (2015) Schmidt U, Mergheim J, Steinmann P Journal article A dual Lagrange method for contact problems with regularized contact conditions (2014) Sitzmann S, Willner K, Wohlmuth BI Journal article, Original article Discontinuous variational time integrators for complex multibody collisions (2014) Johnson G, Leyendecker S, Ortiz M Journal article Numerical modelling of thermomechanical solids with highly conductive energetic interfaces (2013) Javili A, McBride A, Steinmann P Journal article
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