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Experimental and modeling analysis of the transient spray characteristics of cyclopentane at sub- and transcritical conditions using a machine learning approach (2023) Jeyaseelan T, Son M, Sander T, Zigan L Journal article Numerical simulations of the flow and aerosol dispersion in a violent expiratory event: Outcomes of the "2022 International Computational Fluid Dynamics Challenge on violent expiratory events" (2023) Pallares J, Fabregat A, Lavrinenko A, Bin Norshamsudin HA, Janiga G, Fletcher DF, Inthavong K, et al. Journal article Steady three-dimensional patterns in gravity-driven film flow down an inclined sinusoidal bottom contour (2023) Al-Shamaa B, Kahraman T, Wierschem A Journal article Experimental and numerical investigation of beer foam (2023) Lyu W, Bauer T, Jahn A, Gatternig B, Delgado A, Schellin TE Journal article Investigation of parameters and porous plug enhanced enrichment with field-amplified sample stacking in microchip (2023) Yuan S, Zhou M, Liu X, Li Q, Drummer D, Jiang B Journal article Rheology of dilute granular gas mixtures where the grains interact via a square shoulder and well potential (2023) Yoshii K, Takada S, Kurosawa K, Pöschel T Journal article Inertial focusing of a dilute suspension in pipe flow (2022) Aouane O, Sega M, Baeuerlein B, Avila K, Harting J Journal article Numerical and experimental investigation of gas-gas diffusion and convection (2022) Lyu W, Kim S, Delgado A, Gatternig B, Troeger K, Schellin T Journal article Effects of liquid properties on atomization and spray characteristics studied by planar two-photon fluorescence (2022) Ulrich H, Lehnert B, Guenot D, Svendsen K, Lundh O, Wensing M, Berrocal E, Zigan L Journal article Physics-informed neural networks for solving Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes equations (2022) Eivazi H, Tahani M, Schlatter P, Vinuesa R Journal article