Physics of Fluids

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Publisher: American Institute of Physics (AIP)

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Liquid film rupture beyond the thin-film equation: A multi-component lattice Boltzmann study (2022) Pelusi F, Sega M, Harting J Journal article Particle-resolved simulations of local liquid spreading in packed beds: Effect of wettability at varying particle size (2022) Ambekar AS, Rüde U, Buwa VV Journal article An investigation of chaotic mixing behavior in a planar microfluidic mixer (2022) Yuan S, Zhou M, Peng T, Li Q, Jiang F Journal article Inertial focusing of a dilute suspension in pipe flow (2022) Aouane O, Sega M, Baeuerlein B, Avila K, Harting J Journal article, Original article Instability of particle inertial migration in shear flow (2021) Asmolov ES, Nizkaya TV, Harting J, Vinogradova OI Journal article Stability assessment of the phase-field lattice Boltzmann model and its application to Taylor bubbles in annular piping geometries (2021) Mitchell T, Holzer M, Schwarzmeier C, Bauer M, Rüde U, Leonardi C Journal article Spontaneous formation of density waves in granular matter under swirling excitation (2021) Zhao SC, Pöschel T Journal article Data enriched lubrication force modeling for a mechanistic fiber simulation of short fiber-reinforced thermoplastics (2021) Kugler SK, Bechara A, Perez H, Cruz C, Kech A, Osswald TA Journal article Can Minkowski tensors of a simply connected porous microstructure characterize its permeability? (2021) Nair P, Mühlbauer S, Roy S, Pöschel T Journal article The skin-friction coefficient of a turbulent boundary layer modified by a large-eddy break-up device (2021) Chan IC, Orlu R, Schlatter P, Chin RC Journal article
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