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Dynamic pricing and strategic retailers in the energy sector: A multi-leader-follower approach (2024) Oggioni G, Schwartz A, Wiertz AK, Zöttl G Journal article Optimizing integrated aircraft assignment and turnaround handling (2023) Glomb L, Liers F, Rösel F Journal article, Original article Interpretable generalized additive neural networks (2023) Kraus M, Tschernutter D, Weinzierl S, Zschech P Journal article, Original article Benders-type branch-and-cut algorithms for capacitated facility location with single-sourcing (2023) Weninger D, Wolsey LA Journal article Explainable AI for Operational Research: A defining framework, methods, applications, and a research agenda (2023) De Bock KW, Coussement K, Caigny AD, Słowiński R, Baesens B, Boute RN, Choi TM, et al. Journal article Long-run market equilibria in coupled energy sectors: A study of uniqueness (2022) Egerer J, Grimm V, Grübel J, Zöttl G Journal article, Original article Robust Approximation of Chance Constrained DC Optimal Power Flow under Decision-Dependent Uncertainty (2022) Aigner KM, Clarner JP, Liers F, Martin A Journal article, Original article The cost of decoupling trade and transport in the European entry-exit gas market with linear physics modeling (2022) Boettger T, Grimm V, Kleinert T, Schmidt M Journal article Robust Market Equilibria under Uncertain Cost (2022) Biefel C, Liers F, Rolfes J, Schewe L, Zöttl G Journal article A rolling-horizon approach for multi-period optimization (2021) Glomb L, Liers F, Rösel F Journal article
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