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The Impact of Neighboring Markets on Renewable Locations, Transmission Expansion, and Generation Investment (2021) Egerer J, Grimm V, Kleinert T, Schmidt M, Zöttl G Journal article, Original article The price of multiobjective robustness: Analyzing solution sets to uncertain multiobjective problems (2021) Schoebel A, Zhou-Kangas Y Journal article Deep reinforcement learning for the optimal placement of cryptocurrency limit orders (2021) Schnaubelt M Journal article Uncertain bidding zone configurations: The role of expectations for transmission and generation capacity expansion (2020) Ambrosius M, Egerer J, Grimm V, van der Weijde AH Journal article Approximate cutting plane approaches for exact solutions to robust optimization problems (2020) Paetzold J, Schoebel A Journal article Deep learning in business analytics and operations research: Models, applications and managerial implications (2020) Kraus M, Feuerriegel S, Oztekin A Journal article Portfolio Optimization with Irreversible Long-Term Investments in Renewable Energy under Policy Risk: A Mixed-Integer Multistage Stochastic Model and a Moving-Horizon Approach (2020) Gatzert N, Martin A, Schmidt M, Seith B, Vogl N Journal article, Original article Min-ordering and max-ordering scalarization methods for multi-objective robust optimization (2019) Schmidt M, Schoebel A, Thom L Journal article Nonconvex Equilibrium Models for Gas Market Analysis: Failure of Standard Techniques and Alternative Modeling Approaches (2019) Grimm V, Grübel J, Schewe L, Schmidt M, Zöttl G Journal article, Original article Dominance for multi-objective robust optimization concepts (2019) Botte M, Schoebel A Journal article
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