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Synthesis and ecotoxicity screening of reusable, magnetically harvestable metal oxide/hydroxide nanocomposites for safe and sustainable removal and recovery of phosphorus from wastewater (2024) Drenkova-Tuhtan A, Sihtmäe M, Uke K, Vija H, Oppmann M, Prieschl J, Mandel K, Kahru A Journal article Prospective life cycle inventory datasets for conventional and hybrid-electric aircraft technologies (2024) Thonemann N, Saavedra-Rubio K, Pierrat E, Dudka K, Bangoura M, Baumann N, Bentheimer C, et al. Journal article Environmental assessment of anaerobic digestion and biological methanation in power-to-methane systems (2023) Elhaus N, Kolb S, Müller J, Goldbrunner M, Karl J, Herkendell K Journal article Sustainable fingerprint – Using textual analysis to detect how listed EU firms report about ESG topics (2023) Heichl V, Hirsch S Journal article Mapping the intellectual foundation of low-carbon supply chains: A theory-based literature review on buyer-supplier relationships (2023) Steiner B, Münch C, Küffner C, Hartmann E Journal article Creativity for sustainability: An integrative literature review (2023) Saleh R, Brem A Journal article, Review article Backcasting frugally innovative smart sustainable future cities (2023) Ebolor A Journal article Sustainable development in the construction industry: The role of frugal innovation (2022) Ebolor A, Agarwal N, Brem A Journal article Desulfurization of natural gas condensate using polyethylene glycol and water intercalated activated γ-bauxite (2022) Behmadi R, Mokhtarian M, Davoodi A, Hosseinpour S Journal article Renewable hydrogen imports for the German energy transition-A comparative life cycle assessment (2022) Kolb S, Müller J, Luna-Jaspe N, Karl J Journal article
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