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Publisher: Elsevier

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Ethics in corporate Research and Development (R&D): can Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) approaches aid sustainability? (2019) Stahl BC, Chatfield K, Ten Holter C, Brem A Journal article Comparison of the odorant composition of post-consumer high-density polyethylene waste with corresponding recycled and virgin pellets by combined instrumental and sensory analysis (2018) Strangl M, Schlummer M, Maeurer A, Büttner A Journal article Built to scale? How sustainable business models can better serve the base of the pyramid. (2018) Palomares-Aguirre I, Barnett M, Layrisse Villamizar F, Husted BW Journal article Sustainability and management control. Exploring and theorizing control patterns in large European firms (2017) Crutzen N, Zvezdov D, Schaltegger S Journal article Methods-Energy Measurement – An approach for sustainable energy planning of manufacturing technologies (2016) Bornschlegl M, Bregulla M, Franke J Journal article, Review article Carbon footprinting of large product portfolios. Extending the use of Enterprise Resource Planning systems to carbon information management (2016) Zvezdov D, Hack S Journal article Optimisation of water usage in a brewery clean-in-place system using reference nets (2015) Pettigrew L, Blomenhofer V, Hubert S, Groß F, Delgado A Journal article Recycling of pre-stabilized municipal waste incinerator fly ash and soda-lime glass into sintered glass-ceramics (2015) Ponsot I, Bernardo E, Bontempi E, Depero L, Detsch R, Chinnam RKS, Boccaccini AR Journal article, Original article An Institutional Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility in Russia (2014) Fifka M, Pobizhan M Journal article, Review article Tapping Environmental Accounting Potentials of Beer Brewing: Information Needs for Successful Cleaner Production (2012) Schaltegger S, Viere T, Zvezdov D Journal article
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