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Key Points in the Determination of the Interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction From Asymmetric Bubble Domain Expansion (2022) Magni A, Carlotti G, Casiraghi A, Darwin E, Durin G, Diez LH, Hickey BJ, et al. Journal article Robust Magneto-Ionic Effect in Fe/FeOx Thin Films in Electrolytes With Different Cations (2022) Zehner J, Vaerst O, Soldatov , Nielsch K, Schaefer R, Leistner K Journal article Roadmap on Spin-Wave Computing (2022) Chumak AV, Kabos P, Wu M, Abert C, Adelmann C, Adeyeye A, Akerman J, et al. Journal article Nonlinear Modeling of MGSPMs Based on Hybrid Subdomain and Magnetic Equivalent Circuitry (2022) Dianati B, Hahn I Journal article Transcutaneous Energy Transfer System for Cardiac-Assist Devices by Use of Inhomogeneous Biocompatible Core Material (2021) Fazeli Khalili H, Kirchner J, Bartunik M, Werner S, Ebel N, Schubert DW, Weyand M, Fischer G Journal article, Original article Roadmap of Spin-Orbit Torques (2021) Shao Q, Li P, Liu L, Yang H, Fukami S, Razavi A, Wu H, et al. Journal article Heisenberg Exchange and Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction in Ultrathin Pt(W)/CoFeB Single and Multilayers (2021) Boettcher T, Lee K, Heussner F, Jaiswal S, Jakob G, Klaeui M, Hillebrands B, et al. Journal article Core Loss Model for Arbitrary Excitations with DC Bias Covering a Wide Frequency Range (2021) Stenglein E, Dürbaum T Journal article Localization of Passive 3-D Coils as an Inverse Problem: Theoretical Analysis and a Numerical Method (2020) Doss M, Bungert L, Cichon D, Brauer H, Psiuk R Journal article Calculation of Active Material's Torque Contributions for a Flux Switching Machine (2020) Kurtovic H, Hahn I Journal article
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