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Localization of Passive 3D-Coils as an Inverse Problem: Theoretical Analysis and a Numerical Method (2020) Doß M, Bungert L, Cichon D, Brauer H, Psiuk R Journal article Characterizing a Preclinical Magnetic Particle Imaging System With Separate Pickup Coil (2017) Wells J, Paysen H, Kosch O, Loewa N, Schmitzberger F, Makowksi M, Franke J, et al. Journal article New Single-Phase Flux Switching Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Motor (2017) Syed QAS, Kurtovic H, Hahn I Journal article, Original article Numerical Analysis of Discrete Geometric Method on Plasmonic Structures (2016) Yan S, Pflaum C, Xu X, Zhuoxiang R Journal article Optimizing the dimensions of an inverse magnetostrictive MEMS pressure sensor by means of an iterative Finite Element scheme (2016) Löffler M, Nierla M, Kadur M, Hoffmann M, Sutor A, Lerch R Journal article Broadband Setup for Magnetic-Field-Induced Domain Wall Motion in Cylindrical Nanowires (2015) Wartelle A, Thirion C, Afid R, Jamet S, Da Col S, Cagnon L, Toussaint JC, et al. Conference contribution An Inverted Preisach Model With Analytical Weight Function and Its Numerical Discrete Formulation (2014) Bi S, Wolf F, Lerch R, Sutor A Journal article Method for Optimizing the Field Coils of Internally Illuminated Photobioreactors (2014) Sutor A, Heining M, Lindenberger C, Buchholz R Journal article, Original article Toward a Novel Remote Pressure Sensor: Influence of Static Magnetic Fields on the Resonance Frequency of Magnetostrictive Microcantilevers (2014) Löffler M, Rupitsch S, Sutor A, Lerch R Journal article Analytical calculation of copper losses in litz-wire windings of gapped inductors (2014) Stadler A, Huber R, Stolzke T, Gulden C Journal article, Original article
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