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A Novel Approach for Rapid Material Library Generation Using Laser-Remelting (2024) Gaag T, Heidowitzsch M, Galgon F, Körner C, Zenk C Journal article Feasibility of Powder-Based High-Throughput Synthesis for Ceramics Development: Case Study on the Influence of Calcination Temperature in BiFeO3-BaTiO3 (2024) Eckstein U, Kuhfuß M, Fey T, Webber KG Journal article Synthesis and Characterization of BaZrS3 Thin Films via Stacked Layer Methodology: A Comparative Study of BaZrS3 on Zirconium Foil and Silicon Carbide Substrates (2024) Jamshaid S, Cicconi MR, Heiß W, Webber KG, Wellmann P Journal article Observing High-Cycle Fatigue Damage in Freestanding Gold Thin Films with Bulge Testing and Intermittent Transmission Electron Microscopy Imaging (2024) Krapf A, Merle B, Gebhart DD, Reiter M, Lassnig A, Göken M, Cordill MJ, Gammer C Journal article Cyclic Failure of a Cr–Au Bilayer on Polyimide: In Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy Observations of Interfacial Dislocation Mechanisms (2024) Gebhart DD, Krapf A, Schretter L, Lassnig A, Merle B, Cordill MJ, Gammer C Journal article Improving Microstructural Homogeneity of Investment-Cast Single-Crystalline Ni-Base Superalloys by Using Fluidized Carbon Bed Cooling (2024) Schulze H, Zenk C, Körner C Journal article Alternative Approach to Modeling of Nucleation and Remelting in Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing (2023) Koepf JA, Gotterbarm M, Kumara C, Markl M, Körner C Journal article Using Selective Electron Beam Melting to Enhance the High-Temperature Strength and Creep Resistance of NiAl–28Cr–6Mo In Situ Composites (2023) Förner A, Vollhüter J, Krapf A, Jamjoom AFA, Hausmann D, Wahlmann B, Fu Z, et al. Journal article Influence of Cu Addition and Microstructural Configuration on the Creep Resistance and Mechanical Properties of an Fe-Based alpha/alpha '/alpha '' Superalloy (2023) Morales LA, Bezold A, Förner A, Holz H, Merle B, Neumeier S, Körner C, Zenk C Journal article Progress on Electrospun Composite Fibers Incorporating Bioactive Glass: An Overview (2023) Ghorbani F, Reiter T, Liverani L, Schubert DW, Boccaccini AR, Roether J Journal article, Review article