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Application of Calcium Alginate Hydrogels in Semisolid Extrusion 3D Printed for the Production of Easy-to-Swallow Tablets (2023) Falcone G, Kuth S, Boccaccini AR, Aquino RP, Esposito T, Russo P Journal article Effect of Volumetric Energy Density and Part Height on the Material Properties of Low-Alloyed Steels Manufactured by Laser-Based Powder Bed Fusion of Metals (2023) Bartels D, Novotny T, Albert M, Mohr A, van Soest F, Hill H, Merklein C, Schmidt M Journal article Aqueous Calcium Phosphate Cement Inks for 3D Printing (2023) Weichhold J, Pfeiffle M, Kade JC, Hurle K, Gbureck U Journal article Coextrusion of Reaction-Bonded Carbides by Robocasting (2023) Gradaus M, Wahl L, Cicconi MR, de Ligny D, Travitzky N Journal article Reinforcing Tissue-Engineered Cartilage: Nanofibrillated Cellulose Enhances Mechanical Properties of Alginate Dialdehyde–Gelatin Hydrogel (2023) Chayanun S, Ahmadi Soufivand A, Faber J, Budday S, Lohwongwatana B, Boccaccini AR Journal article Electrostatic Powder Coating as a Novel Process for High-Voltage Insulation Applications (2023) Scholl M, Vogel N, Lang S Journal article, Original article Aerosol-Jet-Printed Encapsulation of Organic Photovoltaics (2023) Basu R, Siah KS, Distler A, Häußler F, Franke J, Brabec C, Egelhaaf HJ Journal article Overcoming Moisture-Induced Degradation in Organic Solar Cells (2023) Wachsmuth J, Distler A, Deribew D, Salvador MF, Brabec C, Egelhaaf HJ Journal article High-Throughput Alloy Development Using Advanced Characterization Techniques During Directed Energy Deposition Additive Manufacturing (2023) Sommer N, Bauer A, Kahlmeyer M, Wegener T, Degener S, Liehr A, Bolender A, et al. Journal article A Novel PowderMEMS Technique for Fabrication of Low-Cost High-Power-Factor Thermoelectric Films and Micro-Patterns (2023) Deng K, Zhang Q, Fu Y, Lasagni AF, Reith H, Nielsch K Journal article