International Journal of Material Forming

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eISSN: 1960-6214
Publisher: Springer Verlag

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Joining by forming technologies: current solutions and future trends (2022) Buffa G, Fratini L, La Commare U, Römisch D, Wiesenmayer S, Wituschek S, Merklein M Journal article, Review article Investigations of batch fluctuation regarding tribological conditions in series production of car body parts (2021) Hansen B, Wagner P, Purr S, Merklein M Journal article Analytical friction force compensation of flow curves out of layer compression tests with the pin extrusion test (2020) Lenzen M, Kraus M, Merklein M Journal article Control of the material flow in sheet-bulk metal forming using modifications of the tool surface (2019) Löffler M, Schulte RK, Freiburg D, Biermann D, Stangier D, Tillmann W, Merklein M Journal article Influence of component design on extrusion processes in sheet-bulk metal forming (2019) Pilz F, Merklein M Journal article On the inverse identification of Lankford coefficients using geometrical changes under quasi-biaxial loading (2019) Graser M, Lenzen M, Merklein M Journal article, Review article Research of Adapted Tool Design in Cold Forging of Gears (2019) Kiener C, Merklein M Journal article Thermo-mechanical sheet metal forming of aero engine components in Ti-6Al-4V–PART 1: Material characterisation (2012) Odenberger EL, Hertzman J, Thilderkvist P, Merklein M, Kuppert A, Stöhr T, Lechler J, Oldenburg M Journal article Variation of deep drawing steel grades’ properties in dependency of the stress state and its impact on FEA (2011) Sturm V, Merklein M Journal article Interlaboratory comparison for heat transfer coefficient identification in hot stamping of high strength steels (2010) Bosetti P, Bruschi S, Stöhr T, Lechler J, Merklein M Conference contribution
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