International Journal of Material Forming

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eISSN: 1960-6214
Publisher: Springer Verlag

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Influence of the Variation of Material Properties on the Risk of Failure in Dependency of the Materials Flow Condition during Forming Processes (2010) Sturm V, Merklein M, Bernhard O Journal article Numerical Simulation of Hydroforming at Elevated Temperatures with Granular Material Used as Medium Compared to the Real Part Geometry (2010) Grüner M, Merklein M Journal article Manufacturing of Complex Functional Components with Variants by Using a new Metal Forming Process – Sheet-Bulk Metal Forming (2010) Merklein M, Koch JPK, Schneider T, Opel S, Vierzigmann U Journal article Application of a genetic algorithm for the assessment of the capabilities of actuator systems for laser micro adjustment (2010) Plettke R Journal article Characterization of a Magnetorheological Fluid with Respect to its Suitability for Hydroforming (2010) Rösel S, Merklein M Journal article A Method for the Layer Compression Test Considering the Anisotropic Material Behavior (2009) Merklein M, Kuppert A Conference contribution Characterisation of the flow behavior of deep drawing steel grades in dependency of the stress state and its impact on FEA (2009) Merklein M, Sturm V Journal article Friction Stir Welds Made Out of Precipitation Hardenable Aluminum Alloys - Experimental Investigations of Formability Potential (2009) Merklein M, Wieland M, Staud D Journal article Novel setup for the investigation of tribological behavior of sheet metal surfaces (2009) Merklein M, Engel U, Vierzigmann U Journal article Characterisation of the mechanical behaviour and the forming limits of metal foils using a pneumatic bulge test (2009) Diehl A, Vierzigmann U, Engel U Journal article
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