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Reactive Deposition Versus Strong Electrostatic Adsorption (SEA): A Key to Highly Active Single Atom Co-Catalysts in Photocatalytic H2 Generation (2023) Wang Y, Qin S, Denisov N, Kim H, Bad'ura Z, Sarma BB, Schmuki P Journal article Oxygen-Deficient Bioceramics: Combination of Diagnosis, Therapy, and Regeneration (2023) Bigham A, Raucci MG, Zheng K, Boccaccini AR, Ambrosio L Journal article, Review article One-Pot Synthesis and Excited-State Dynamics of Null Exciton-Coupled Diketopyrrolopyrroles Oligo-Grids (2023) Bo Y, Hou P, Wan J, Cao H, Liu Y, Xie L, Guldi DM Journal article Understanding Causalities in Organic Photovoltaics Device Degradation in a Machine-Learning-Driven High-Throughput Platform (2023) Liu C, Lüer L, Le Corre VM, Forberich K, Weitz P, Heumüller T, Du X, et al. Journal article Machine-Learning-Assisted Determination of the Global Zero-Temperature Phase Diagram of Materials (2023) Schmidt J, Hoffmann N, Wang HC, Borlido P, Carriço PJ, Cerqueira TF, Botti S, Marques MA Journal article Encapsulating High-Temperature Superconducting Twisted van der Waals Heterostructures Blocks Detrimental Effects of Disorder (2023) Lee Y, Martini M, Confalone T, Shokri S, Saggau CN, Wolf D, Gu G, et al. Journal article Topological Metal MoP Nanowire for Interconnect (2023) Han HJ, Kumar S, Jin G, Ji X, Hart JL, Hynek DJ, Sam QP, et al. Journal article A Multifunctional Scaffold for Bone Infection Treatment by Delivery of microRNA Therapeutics Combined With Antimicrobial Nanoparticles (2023) Sadowska JM, Power RN, Genoud KJ, Matheson A, González-Vázquez A, Costard L, Eichholz K, et al. Journal article Dopant-Free Bithiophene-Imide-Based Polymeric Hole-Transporting Materials for Efficient and Stable Perovskite Solar Cells (2022) Bai Y, Zhou Z, Xue Q, Liu C, Li N, Tang H, Zhang J, et al. Journal article Magnetic Alignment for Plasmonic Control of Gold Nanorods Coated with Iron Oxide Nanoparticles (2022) Rizvi MH, Wang R, Schubert J, Crumpler WD, Rossner C, Oldenburg AL, Fery A, Tracy JB Journal article