Visualization of Tunable Weyl Line in A–A Stacking Kagome Magnets

Cheng ZJ, Belopolski I, Tien HJ, Cochran TA, Yang XP, Ma W, Yin JX, Chen D, Zhang J, Jozwiak C, Bostwick A, Rotenberg E, Cheng G, Hossain MS, Zhang Q, Litskevich M, Jiang YX, Yao N, Schroeter NBM, Strocov VN, Lian B, Felser C, Chang G, Jia S, Chang TR, Hasan MZ (2023)

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2023


Book Volume: 35

Article Number: 2205927

Journal Issue: 3

DOI: 10.1002/adma.202205927


Kagome magnets provide a fascinating platform for a plethora of topological quantum phenomena, in which the delicate interplay between frustrated crystal structure, magnetization, and spin–orbit coupling (SOC) can engender highly tunable topological states. Here, utilizing angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy, the Weyl lines are directly visualized with strong out-of-plane dispersion in the A–A stacked kagome magnet GdMn6Sn6. Remarkably, the Weyl lines exhibit a strong magnetization-direction-tunable SOC gap and binding energy tunability after substituting Gd with Tb and Li, respectively. These results not only illustrate the magnetization direction and valence counting as efficient tuning knobs for realizing and controlling distinct 3D topological phases, but also demonstrate AMn6Sn6 (A = rare earth, or Li, Mg, or Ca) as a versatile material family for exploring diverse emergent topological quantum responses.

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Cheng, Z.-J., Belopolski, I., Tien, H.-J., Cochran, T.A., Yang, X.P., Ma, W.,... Hasan, M.Z. (2023). Visualization of Tunable Weyl Line in A–A Stacking Kagome Magnets. Advanced Materials, 35(3).


Cheng, Zi-Jia, et al. "Visualization of Tunable Weyl Line in A–A Stacking Kagome Magnets." Advanced Materials 35.3 (2023).

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