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Polycaprolactone Electrospun Fiber Mats Prepared Using Benign Solvents: Blending with Copper(II)-Chitosan Increases the Secretion of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor in a Bone Marrow Stromal Cell Line (2020) Gritsch L, Liverani L, Lovell C, Boccaccini AR Journal article Amino Acid–Substituted Dextran-Based Non-Viral Vectors for Gene Delivery (2019) Zink M, Hotzel K, Schubert US, Heinze T, Fischer D Journal article Development of 3D Biofabricated Cell Laden Hydrogel Vessels and a Low-Cost Desktop Printed Perfusion Chamber for In Vitro Vessel Maturation (2019) Distler T, Ruther F, Boccaccini AR, Detsch R Journal article A “Cell-Friendly” Window for the Interaction of Cells with Hyaluronic Acid/Poly-l-Lysine Multilayers (2018) Madaboosi N, Uhlig K, Schmidt S, Vikulina AS, Moehwald H, Duschl C, Volodkin D Journal article Blockage of Wnt/β-Catenin Signaling by Nanoparticles Reduces Survival and Proliferation of CLL Cells In Vitro—Preliminary Study (2017) Franiak-Pietryga I, Maciejewski H, Ziemba B, Appelhans D, Voit B, Robak T, Jander M, et al. Journal article Uptake of Retinoic Acid-Modified PMMA Nanoparticles in LX-2 and Liver Tissue by Raman Imaging and Intravital Microscopy (2017) Yildirim T, Matthaeus C, Press AT, Schubert S, Bauer M, Popp J, Schubert US Journal article Innovative Methods and Applications in Mucoadhesion Research (2017) Mackie AR, Goycoolea FM, Menchicchi B, Caramella CM, Saporito F, Lee S, Stephansen K, et al. Journal article Enzymatic Crosslinking of Polymer Conjugates is Superior over Ionic or UV Crosslinking for the On-Chip Production of Cell-Laden Microgels (2016) Henke S, Leijten J, Kemna E, Neubauer M, Fery A, Van Den Berg A, Van Apeldoorn A, Karperien M Journal article Polyelectrolytes Multilayers to Modulate Cell Adhesion: A Study of the Influence of Film Composition and Polyelectrolyte Interdigitation on the Adhesion of the A549 Cell Line (2016) Muzzio NE, Pasquale MA, Gregurec D, Diamanti E, Kosutic M, Azzaroni O, Moya SE Journal article Cellular Response to Reagent-Free Electron-Irradiated Gelatin Hydrogels (2016) Wisotzki EI, Friedrich RP, Weidt A, Alexiou C, Mayr SG, Zink M Journal article
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