Microelectronics Reliability

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Testing and simulation of lifetime for wire bond interconnections with varying bond foot angle (2024) Sippel M, Tan YF, Schmidt R, Botazzoli P, Sprenger M, Franke J Journal article Mobile ions entering the IGBT gate oxide - electrical detection and failure localization by lock-in thermography (2023) Käsbauer M, Dreher P, Sippel M, Schmidt R Journal article Improving the reliability of power modules through layered diffusion solder interconnects – Comparative study based on experiments and FE-simulation (2023) Ottinger B, Mathew A, König S, Albrecht J, Sprenger M, Müller L, Goth C, Franke J Journal article Influence of SiC chip thickness on the power cycling capability of power electronics assemblies – A comprehensive numerical study (2023) Zhao D, Letz S, Leib J, Schletz A Journal article Impact of THT-hole dimensioning on manufacturability in selective wave soldering (2022) Seidel R, Ockel M, Franke J, Kästle C Journal article Experimental identification and prioritization of design and process parameters on hole fill in mini wave soldering (2022) Seidel R, Ahrens T, Friedrich J, Reinhardt A, Franke J Journal article Automated quantitative analysis of void morphology evolution in Ag[sbnd]Ag direct bonding interface after accelerated aging (2021) Yu Z, Xu T, Letz S, Bayer CF, Schletz A, März M Journal article Combined experimental and numerical approach for investigating the mechanical degradation of the interface between thin film metallization and Si-substrate after temperature cycling test (2020) Zhao D, Letz S, Yu Z, Schletz A, März M Journal article, Original article A hybrid frequency-time-domain approach to determine the vibration fatigue life of electronic devices (2019) Schriefer T, Hofmann M Journal article Thermal performance analysis of GaN nanowire and fin-shaped power transistors based on self-consistent electrothermal simulations (2018) Kamrani H, Yu F, Frank K, Strempel K, Fatahilah MF, Wasisto HS, Roemer F, et al. Journal article
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