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Reduction of microkinetic reaction models for reactor optimization exemplified for hydrogen production from methane (2015) Karst F, Maestri M, Freund H, Sundmacher K Journal article Numerical simulation of heat transfer in the near-wall region of tubular reactors packed with metal open-cell foams (2015) Bianchi E, Groppi G, Schwieger W, Tronconi E, Freund H Journal article Modeling of photocatalytic degradation of organic components in water by nanoparticle suspension (2015) Eckert H, Bobeth M, Teixeira S, Kuehn K, Cuniberti G Journal article Control of particle size, at micrometric and nanometric range, using supercritical antisolvent precipitation from solvent mixtures: application to PVP (2015) De Marco I, Roßmann M, Prosapio V, Reverchon E, Bräuer A Journal article, Original article Prototyping of catalyst pore-systems by a combined synthetic, analytical and computational approach: Application to mesoporous TiO2 (2014) Novak V, Ortel E, Winter B, Butz B, Paul B, Koci P, Marek M, et al. Journal article Periodic open cellular structures with ideal cubic cell geometry: Effect of porosity and cell orientation on pressure drop behavior (2014) Klumpp M, Inayat A, Schwerdtfeger J, Körner C, Singer R, Freund H, Schwieger W Journal article Optimal reaction concept and plant wide optimization of the ethylene oxide process (2012) Peschel A, Jörke A, Sundmacher K, Freund H Conference contribution An appraisal of the heat transfer properties of metallic open-cell foams for strongly exo-/endo-thermic catalytic processes in tubular reactors (2012) Bianchi E, Heidig T, Visconti CG, Groppi G, Freund H, Tronconi E Journal article Design of optimal multiphase reactors exemplified on the hydroformylation of long chain alkenes (2012) Peschel A, Hentschel B, Freund H, Sundmacher K Journal article Interactions of phase equilibria, jet fluid dynamics and mass transfer during supercritical antisolvent micronization: the influence of solvents (2012) De Marco I, Knauer O, Cice F, Bräuer A, Reverchon E Journal article, Original article