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Interface engineering with a novel n-type small organic molecule for efficient inverted perovskite solar cells (2019) Wang H, Yang F, Li N, Song J, Qu J, Hayase S, Wong WY Journal article An outstanding antichlorine and antibacterial membrane with quaternary ammonium salts of alkenes via in situ polymerization for textile wastewater treatment (2019) Liu C, Guo Y, Wei X, Wang C, Qu M, Schubert DW, Zhang C Journal article Insights into the redox kinetics of vanadium substituted heteropoly acids through liquid core waveguide membrane microreactor studies (2019) Albert J, Ponce S, Drochner A, Trabold M, Etzold B Journal article, Original article Highly efficient removal of pharmaceuticals from water by well-defined carbide-derived carbons (2018) Álvarez-Torrellas S, Munoz M, Gläsel J, de Pedro ZM, Domínguez CM, García J, Etzold BJ, Casas JA Journal article Modelling the two-dimensional growth and oriented attachment of goethite nanorods synthesized via oxidation of aqueous ferrous hydroxide slurries (2018) Güldenpfennig A, Distaso M, Klupp Taylor R, Peukert W Journal article, Original article Direct numerical simulation of water–ethanol flows in a T-mixer (2017) Schikarski T, Peukert W, Avila M Journal article, Original article Heterogeneous nucleation and surface conformal growth of silver nanocoatings on colloidal silica in a continuous flow static T-mixer (2017) Meincke T, Bao H, Pflug L, Stingl M, Klupp Taylor R Journal article, Original article Deducing kinetic constants for the hydrodechlorination of 4-chlorophenol using high adsorption capacity catalysts (2016) Munoz Garcia M, Kaspereit M, Etzold B Journal article, Original article Producing high quality carbide-derived carbon from low quality byproducts stemming from SiC production (2016) Ariyanto T, Mohd Laziz A, Gläsel JS, Zhang G, Garbes J, Etzold B Journal article Continuous microreactor synthesis of ZIF-8 with high space-time-yield and tunable particle size (2016) Polyzoidis A, Altenburg T, Schwarzer M, Loebbecke S, Kaskel S Journal article
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