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Quantitative modeling of precipitation processes (2022) Schikarski T, Avila M, Trzenschiok H, Güldenpfennig A, Peukert W Journal article Valorization of steel-work off-gases: Influence of impurities on the performance of Cu-based methanol synthesis catalyst (2022) Heracleous E, Koidi V, Lappas AA, Hauser A, Haag S Journal article En route towards a comprehensive dimensionless representation of precipitation processes (2022) Schikarski T, Avila M, Peukert W Journal article, Original article Two-dimensional vanadium sulfide flexible graphite/polymer films for near-infrared photoelectrocatalysis and electrochemical energy storage (2022) Ng S, Ghosh K, Vyskocil J, Pumera M Journal article Experimental study of 3D – structured adsorbent composites with improved heat and mass transfer for adsorption heat pumps (2022) Scherle M, Nowak TA, Welzel S, Etzold BJ, Nieken U Journal article Understanding the activity transport nexus in water and CO2 electrolysis: State of the art, challenges and perspectives (2021) Etzold BJ, Krewer U, Thiele S, Dreizler A, Klemm E, Turek T Journal article, Review article Nanoporous carbon architectures for iontronics: Ion-based computing, logic circuits and biointerfacing (2021) Zhang E, Galle L, Lochmann S, Grothe J, Kaskel S Journal article Reaction pathways of methane abatement in Pd-Rh three-way catalyst in heavy duty applications: A combined approach based on exhaust analysis, model gas reactor and DRIFTS measurements (2021) Wang M, Dimopoulos Eggenschwiler P, Franken T, Ferri D, Kröcher O Journal article Intermittent recycle-integrated reactor-separator for production of well-defined non-digestible oligosaccharides from oat β-glucan (2021) Nguyen HS, Kaspereit M, Sainio T Journal article Rich surface hydroxyl design for nanostructured TiO2 and its hole-trapping effect (2020) Xiao ST, Wu SM, Dong Y, Liu JW, Wang LY, Wu L, Zhang YX, et al. Journal article