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The industry transformation from fossil fuels to hydrogen will reorganize value chains: Big picture and case studies for Germany (2024) Egerer J, Farhang-Damghani N, Grimm V, Runge P Journal article, Original article Feasibility study on radioisotope-powered thermophotovoltaic/thermoelectric hybrid power generation system used in deep-sea: From design to experiment (2024) Qi J, Wang X, Yang D, Li G Journal article, Original article Economic comparison of electric fuels for heavy duty mobility produced at excellent global sites-a 2035 scenario (2023) Runge P, Sölch C, Albert J, Wasserscheid P, Zöttl G, Grimm V Journal article The economics of global green ammonia trade – “Shipping Australian wind and sunshine to Germany” (2023) Egerer J, Grimm V, Niazmand K, Runge P Journal article Using a screw-type machine as reversible compressor–expander in a Carnot Battery: An analytical study towards efficiency (2022) Steger D, Feist M, Schlücker E Journal article Long-term effects of ilmenite on a micro-scale bubbling fluidized bed combined heat and power pilot plant for oxygen carrier aided combustion of wood (2022) Schneider T, Moffitt J, Volz N, Müller D, Karl J Journal article Improving energy efficiency of individual centrifugal pump systems using model-free and on-line optimization methods (2021) Hieninger T, Schmidt-Vollus R, Schlücker E Journal article The effect of price-based demand response on carbon emissions in European electricity markets: The importance of adequate carbon prices (2021) Fleschutz M, Bohlayer M, Braun M, Henze G, Murphy MD Journal article Carnot battery: Simulation and design of a reversible heat pump-organic Rankine cycle pilot plant (2021) Eppinger B, Steger D, Regensburger C, Karl J, Schlücker E, Will S Journal article, Original article Development and Evaluation of a Smart Charging Strategy for an Electric Vehicle Fleet Based on Reinforcement Learning (2021) Tuchnitz F, Ebell N, Schlund J, Pruckner M Journal article, Editorial
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