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Multi-period investment pathways - Modeling approaches to design distributed energy systems under uncertainty (2021) Bohlayer M, Bürger A, Fleschutz M, Braun M, Zöttl G Journal article Dimensioning battery energy storage systems for peak shaving based on a real-time control algorithm (2020) Lange C, Rueß A, Nuß A, Öchsner R, März M Journal article Pumped thermal energy storage with heat pump-ORC-systems: Comparison of latent and sensible thermal storages for various fluids (2020) Eppinger B, Zigan L, Karl J, Will S Journal article, Original article User behavior in a real-world peer-to-peer electricity market (2020) Ableitner L, Tiefenbeck V, Meeuw A, Wörner A, Fleisch E, Wortmann F Journal article Technoeconomic model of second-life batteries for utility-scale solar considering calendar and cycle aging (2020) Mathews I, Xu B, He W, Barreto V, Buonassisi T, Peters IM Journal article A scenario-based study on the impacts of electric vehicles on energy consumption and sustainability in Alberta (2020) Doluweera G, Hahn F, Bergerson J, Pruckner M Journal article Storage investment and network expansion in distribution networks: The impact of regulatory frameworks (2020) Grimm V, Grübel J, Rückel B, Sölch C, Zöttl G Journal article, Original article A whole-year simulation study on nonlinear mixed-integer model predictive control for a thermal energy supply system with multi-use components (2020) Bürger A, Bohlayer M, Hoffmann S, Altmann-Dieses A, Braun M, Diehl M Journal article Energy-intense production-inventory planning with participation in sequential energy markets (2020) Bohlayer M, Markus F, Braun M, Zöttl G Journal article Corrigendum to “Seasonal storage and alternative carriers: A flexible hydrogen supply chain model” [Appl. Energy 200 (2017)290–302](S0306261917305457)(10.1016/j.apenergy.2017.05.050) (2019) Reuß M, Grube T, Robinius M, Preuster P, Wasserscheid P, Stolten D Journal article, Erratum
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