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Climatic controls on the ecological ascendancy of dinosaurs (2023) Farnsworth A, Benson RBJ, Godoy PL, Greene SE, Valdes PJ, Lunt DJ, Butler RJ, Dunne E Journal article Collective cell migration during optic cup formation features changing cell-matrix interactions linked to matrix topology (2022) Soans KG, Ramos AP, Sidhaye J, Krishna A, Solomatina A, Hoffmann KB, Schlüßler R, et al. Journal article The focal adhesion protein β-parvin controls cardiomyocyte shape and sarcomere assembly in response to mechanical load (2022) Thievessen I, Suhr F, Vergarajauregui S, Böttcher RT, Brixius K, Rosenberger G, Fleischmann BK, et al. Journal article Arabidopsis pavement cell shape formation involves spatially confined ROPGAP regulators (2022) Lauster T, Stöckle D, Gabor K, Haller T, Krieger N, Lotz P, Mayakrishnan R, et al. Journal article ROPGAP-dependent interaction between brassinosteroid and ROP2-GTPase signaling controls pavement cell shape in Arabidopsis (2022) Zhang C, Lauster T, Tang W, Houbaert A, Zhu S, Eeckhout D, De Smet I, et al. Journal article A neuropeptidergic circuit gates selective escape behavior of Drosophila larvae (2022) Imambocus BN, Zhou F, Formozov A, Wittich A, Tenedini FM, Hu C, Sauter K, et al. Journal article Explaining face representation in the primate brain using different computational models (2021) Chang L, Egger B, Vetter T, Tsao DY Journal article Epithelial Planar Bipolarity Emerges from Notch-Mediated Asymmetric Inhibition of Emx2 (2020) Kozak EL, Palit S, Miranda-Rodriguez JR, Janjic A, Boettcher A, Lickert H, Enard W, et al. Journal article Desmosomal Junctions Govern Tissue Integrity and Actomyosin Contractility in Apoptotic Cell Extrusion (2020) Thomas M, Ladoux B, Toyama Y Journal article Marine Biodiversity and Geographic Distributions Are Independent on Large Scales (2020) Antell GS, Kießling W, Aberhan M, Saupe EE Journal article
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