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Mechanochemical Crosstalk Produces Cell-Intrinsic Patterning of the Cortex to Orient the Mitotic Spindle. (2020) Dimitracopoulos A, Srivastava P, Chaigne A, Win Z, Shlomovitz R, Lancaster OM, Le Berre M, et al. Journal article Vampire Bats that Cooperate in the Lab Maintain Their Social Networks in the Wild (2019) Ripperger S, Carter G, Duda N, Kölpin A, Cassens B, Josic D, Berrío-Martínez J, et al. Journal article, Original article Post-transcriptional Regulation of FLOWERING LOCUS T Modulates Heat-Dependent Source-Sink Development in Potato (2019) Lehretz G, Sonnewald S, Hornyik C, Corral JM, Sonnewald U Journal article Source-Sink Regulation Is Mediated by Interaction of an FT Homolog with a SWEET Protein in Potato (2019) Abelenda JA, Bergonzi S, Oortwijn M, Sonnewald S, Du M, Visser RGF, Sonnewald U, Bachem CWB Journal article Cortical Response to the Natural Speech Envelope Correlates with Neuroimaging Evidence of Cognition in Severe Brain Injury (2018) Braiman C, Fridman EA, Conte MM, Voss HU, Reichenbach CS, Reichenbach T, Schiff ND Journal article A Piranha-like pycnodontiform fish from the Late Jurassic (2018) Kölbl-Ebert M, Ebert M, Bellwood DR, Schulbert C Journal article Epithelial Cell Packing Induces Distinct Modes of Cell Extrusions (2016) Kocgozlu L, Saw TB, Le AP, Yow I, Shagirov M, Wong E, Mège RM, et al. Journal article Distinct computational principles govern multisensory integration in primary sensory and association cortices (2016) Rohe T, Noppeney U Journal article, Original article Plant Intracellular Transport: Tracing Functions of the Retrograde Kinesin (2015) Müller S Journal article Org-1-Dependent Lineage Reprogramming Generates the Ventral Longitudinal Musculature of the Drosophila Heart (2015) Schaub C, März J, Reim I, Frasch M Journal article, Original article
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