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Valorizing Steelworks Gases by Coupling Novel Methane and Methanol Synthesis Reactors with an Economic Hybrid Model Predictive Controller (2022) Hauser A, Wolf-Zoellner P, Haag S, Dettori S, Tang X, Mighani M, Matino I, et al. Journal article An Improved Approach to Manufacture Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Magnesium AZ91 Composites with Increased Strength and Ductility (2022) Nasiri S, Yang G, Spiecker E, Li Q Journal article Influence of Nb, Ta and Zr on the Interdiffusion Coefficients and Solid Solution Strengthening of γ-TiAl Single Phase Alloys (2022) Haußmann L, Neumeier S, Bresler J, Keim S, Pyczak F, Göken M Journal article Strategies to Control In Vitro Degradation of Mg Scaffolds Processed by Powder Metallurgy (2022) Cifuentes SC, Alvarez L, Arias L, Fey T, Tsipas SA Journal article Solid solution strengthening of Mo, Re, Ta and W in Ni during high-temperature creep (2021) Haußmann L, Rehman HU, Matschkal D, Göken M, Neumeier S Journal article Creep behavior of compact γ′-γ′′ coprecipitation strengthened in718-variant superalloy (2021) Mukhopadhyay S, Sriram H, Zenk C, Didomizio R, Detor AJ, Hayes RW, Viswanathan GB, et al. Journal article Improving the Effectiveness of the Solid-Solution-Strengthening Elements Mo, Re, Ru and W in Single-Crystalline Nickel-Based Superalloys (2021) Gaag T, Ritter N, Peters A, Volz N, Gruber D, Neumeier S, Zenk C, Körner C Journal article Understanding the high creep resistance of mri 230d magnesium alloy through nanoindentation and atom probe tomography (2021) Matschkal D, Tuengerthal P, Lamm S, Göken M, Höppel HW, Felfer P Journal article A near-surface layer heat treatment of die casting dies by means of electron-beam technology (2021) Schuchardt T, Müller S, Dilger K Journal article Deformation mechanisms in Ni-based superalloys at room and elevated temperatures studied by in Situ neutron diffraction and electron microscopy (2021) Kümmel F, Kirchmayer A, Solís C, Hofmann M, Neumeier S, Gilles R Journal article
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