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Laser Powder Bed Fusion (PBF-LB/M) Process Strategies for In-Situ Alloy Formation with High-Melting Elements (2021) Huber F, Rasch M, Schmidt M Journal article, Original article Investigation of Centrifugal Fractionation with Time-Dependent Process Parameters as a New Approach Contributing to the Direct Recycling of Lithium-Ion Battery Components (2020) Sinn T, Flegler A, Wolf A, Stuebinger T, Witt W, Nirschl H, Gleiß M Journal article, Original article Investigation on the case-hardening behavior of additively manufactured 16MnCr5 (2020) Bartels D, Klaffki J, Pitz I, Merklein C, Kostrewa F, Schmidt M Journal article Enhancing the high-temperature strength of a Co-base superalloy by optimizing the γ/γ' microstructure (2020) Hausmann D, Solís C, Freund L, Volz N, Heinemann A, Göken M, Gilles R, Neumeier S Journal article Fabrication of Single Crystals through a µ-Helix Grain Selection Process during Electron Beam Metal Additive Manufacturing (2020) Gotterbarm M, Rausch A, Körner C Journal article Strain Rate Contribution due to Dynamic Recovery of Ultrafine-Grained Cu-Zr as Evidenced by Load Reductions during Quasi-Stationary Deformation at 0.5 T-m (2019) Blum W, Dvorak J, Kral P, Eisenlohr P, Sklencka V Journal article Quasi-Stationary Strength of ECAP-Processed Cu-Zr at 0.5 T-m (2019) Blum W, Dvorak J, Kral P, Eisenlohr P, Sklenicka V Journal article Influence of Different Annealing Atmospheres on the Mechanical Properties of Freestanding MCrAlY Bond Coats Investigated by Micro-Tensile Creep Tests (2019) Giese S, Neumeier S, Bergholz J, Naumenko D, Quadakkers WJ, Vassen R, Göken M Journal article Investigation of heat treatment strategies for additively-manufactured tools of X37CrMoV5-1 (2018) Junker D, Hentschel O, Schmidt M, Merklein M Journal article In Situ Formation of a Metastable β-Ti Alloy by Laser Powder Bed Fusion (L-PBF) of Vanadium and Iron Modified Ti-6Al-4V (2018) Huber F, Papke T, Scheitler CJ, Hanrieder L, Merklein M, Schmidt M Journal article, Original article
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