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Highly Localized Optical Field Enhancement at Neon Ion Sputtered Tungsten Nanotips (2023) Paschen T, Brückner L, Wu M, Spiecker E, Hommelhoff P Journal article Amphiphiles Formed from Synthetic DNA-Nanomotifs Mimic the Stepwise Dispersal of Transcriptional Clusters in the Cell Nucleus (2023) Tschurikow X, Gadzekpo A, Tran MP, Chatterjee R, Sobucki M, Zaburdaev V, Göpfrich K, Hilbert L Journal article Nonlinear Optical Signal Generation Mediated by a Plasmonic Azimuthally Chirped Grating (2022) Barman P, Chakraborty A, Akimov DA, Singh AK, Meyer-Zedler T, Wu X, Ronning C, et al. Journal article Axial-Bonding-Driven Dimensionality Effect on the Charge-Density Wave in NbSe2 (2022) Lin D, Ranjbar A, Li X, Huang X, Huang Y, Berger H, Forro L, et al. Journal article Fully Two-Dimensional Incommensurate Charge Modulation on the Pd-Terminated Polar Surface of PdCoO2 (2022) Kong P, Li G, Yang Z, Wen C, Qi Y, Felser C, Yan S Journal article Evidence of Magnon-Mediated Orbital Magnetism in a Quasi-2D Topological Magnon Insulator (2022) Alahmed L, Zhang X, Wen J, Xiong Y, Li Y, Zhang LC, Lux F, et al. Journal article Optically Sensitive and Magnetically Identifiable Supraparticles as Indicators of Surface Abrasion (2022) Wenderoth S, Müssig S, Prieschl J, Genin E, Heuzé K, Fidler F, Haddad D, et al. Journal article The Fine-Structure Constant as a Ruler for the Band-Edge Light Absorption Strength of Bulk and Quantum-Confined Semiconductors (2021) Prins PT, Alimoradi Jazi M, Killilea NA, Evers WH, Geiregat P, Heiß W, Houtepen AJ, et al. Journal article Unveiling Planar Defects in Hexagonal Group IV Materials (2021) Fadaly EMT, Marzegalli A, Ren Y, Sun L, Dijkstra A, De Matteis D, Scalise E, et al. Journal article Microengineered Hollow Graphene Tube Systems Generate Conductive Hydrogels with Extremely Low Filler Concentration (2021) Arndt C, Hauck M, Wacker I, Zeller-Plumhoff B, Rasch F, Taale M, Nia AS, et al. Journal article