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A Methodology for Predictive Life Expectancy of Moisture-Sensitive SMT components using Neural Networks (2022) Schmidt K, Haas L, Latifi Bidarouni A, Reinhardt A, Döpper F, Franke J Journal article Understanding geometry dependent part behavior of thin walled structures in powder bed fusion of polymers (2022) Jaksch A, Cholewa S, Drummer D Conference contribution Three-dimensional pose estimation of deformable linear object tips based on a low-cost, two-dimensional sensor setup and AI-based evaluation (2022) Fröhlig S, von Fabris auf Mayerhofen M, Meiners M, Franke J Conference contribution An Approach to Progress Monitoring of Industrial Manual Processes Based on Camera Recordings and Object Interactions (2022) Mühlbauer M, Kutzner K, Sommer A, Würschinger H, Hanenkamp N Conference contribution Understanding aspect ratio effects in Laser Powder Bed Fusion of polyamide 12 by means of infrared thermal imaging (2022) Greiner S, Drummer D Conference contribution Development of a Material Extrusion Additive Manufacturing Process of 1.2083 steel comprising FFF Printing, Solvent and Thermal Debinding and Sintering (2022) Vetter J, Huber F, Wachter S, Körner C, Schmidt M Conference contribution Track and Trace: Integrating static and dynamic data in a hybrid graph-based traceability model (2022) Kuhn M, Kaminski E, Franke J Conference contribution Optimizing the wiring sequence based on a Constraint Satisfaction Problem for robot-based manufacturing of solderless wrapped connections (2022) Hefner F, Schmidbauer S, Franke J Conference contribution Deviation Detection in Production Processes based on Video Data using Unsupervised Machine Learning Approaches (2022) Mühlbauer M, Epp H, Würschinger H, Hanenkamp N Conference contribution Feature extraction based on scalable hypothesis tests from photodiode data in laser welding processes (2022) Will T, Schwarzkopf K, Hölbling C, Müller L, Schmidt M Conference contribution