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Innovative Refrigeration Technology for Machine Tools with Sustainable Refrigerants and Digital Twins (2024) Bani-Hani M, Stemmler T, Opferkuch F, Hanenkamp N Journal article, Original article Potentials of few-shot learning for quality monitoring in laser welding of hairpin windings (2023) Raffin T, Mayr A, Baader M, Laube N, Kühl A, Franke J Journal article Toward a structured concept for purpose-driven modeling of a digital shadow in manufacturing (2023) Reichenstein T, Koustas SG, Roßner A, Meiners M, Franke J Journal article Functionally integrated additive manufactured rotor components for torque-dense aircraft electric motors (2023) von Lindenfels J, Posch D, Ihne T, Franke J, Kühl A Journal article Thermoelectric Printhead Cooler for a Stable Process and Curing Control in RTV-2 Silicone Additive Manufacturing by Direct Ink Writing (2023) Gugel L, Martin S, Preis A, Franke J Journal article A blockchain-based IIoT traceability system: ERC-721 tokens for Industry 4.0 (2023) Koustas SG, Jalowski M, Reichenstein T, Oks SJ Journal article Demonstrating industrial smart product-service systems: Industry 4.0 maturity through stakeholder-oriented development and testing (2023) Koustas SG, Reichenstein T, Oks SJ, Fuchs J, Möslein K Journal article Data-driven quality monitoring of needle winding processes in electric motor production using machine learning techniques (2023) Mayr A, Scheffler F, Fuder R, Raffin T, Kißkalt D, Franke J Conference contribution Interactive Image Segmentation Using Superpixels and Deep Metric Learning for Tool Condition Monitoring (2023) Lutz B, Janisch L, Kißkalt D, Regulin D, Franke J Conference contribution Spatial Annotation of Time Series for Data Driven Quality Assurance in Additive Manufacturing (2023) Reisch RT, Pantano M, Janisch L, Knoll A, Lee D Conference contribution