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A multi-view deep learning approach for quality assessment in laser welding of hairpin windings based on 2D image captures (2022) Mayr A, Bauer J, Franke J Journal article Towards an intelligent straightening system for flat enameled copper wire: problem statement, review of related work, and basic concept (2022) Mayr A, Baader M, Raffin T, Riedel A, Franke J Journal article Qualitative assessment of the impact of manufacturing-specific influences on Machine Learning Operations (2022) Raffin T, Reichenstein T, Klier D, Kühl A, Franke J Journal article A reference architecture for the operationalization of machine learning models in manufacturing (2022) Raffin T, Reichenstein T, Werner J, Kühl A, Franke J Journal article Conceptualization and Elaboration of a Teaching Unit on Digital Twins in Geometrical Variations Management (2022) Schleich B, Roth M, Schächtl P Journal article, Original article On the Potential of Slicing Algorithms in Additive Manufacturing for the Optimization of Geometrical Part Accuracy (2022) Schächtl P, Schleich B, Wartzack S Journal article Computer-aided tolerance specification of preliminary designs based on variation analysis (2022) Götz S, Lechner T, Schleich B Journal article Laser-based coating process of PEEK powder on stainless steel substrates by using a thulium-doped fiber laser (2022) Wittmann A, Kroha L, Huber F, Schmidt M Journal article Handling Sampling-induced Uncertainties in Tolerance-Cost Optimization (2022) Roth M, Schleich B, Wartzack S Journal article, Original article Implementation of Machine Vision based Quality Inspection in Production: An Approach for the Accelerated Execution of Case Studies (2022) Reichenstein T, Raffin T, Sand C, Franke J Journal article