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Nasca patterning in the microworld (2020) Smirnova O Journal article Hybrid integrated quantum photonic circuits (2020) Elshaari AW, Pernice W, Srinivasan K, Benson O, Zwiller V Journal article, Review article Attosecond spectral singularities in solid-state high-harmonic generation (2020) Uzan AJ, Orenstein G, Jimenez-Galan A, Mcdonald C, Silva REF, Bruner BD, Klimkin ND, et al. Journal article Spatial molecular interferometry via multidimensional high-harmonic spectroscopy (2020) Uzan AJ, Soifer H, Pedatzur O, Clergerie A, Larroque S, Bruner BD, Pons B, et al. Journal article Attosecond-fast internal photoemission (2020) Heide C, Hauck M, Higuchi T, Ristein J, Ley L, Weber HB, Hommelhoff P Journal article, Letter Tunable isolated attosecond X-ray pulses with gigawatt peak power from a free-electron laser (2020) Duris J, Li S, Driver T, Champenois EG, Macarthur JP, Lutman AA, Zhang Z, et al. Journal article Topological strong-field physics on sub-laser-cycle timescale (2019) Silva REF, Jimenez-Galan A, Amorim B, Smirnova O, Ivanov M Journal article Synthetic chiral light for efficient control of chiral light–matter interaction (2019) Ayuso D, Neufeld O, Ordonez AF, Decleva P, Lerner G, Cohen O, Ivanov M, Smirnova O Journal article Temporal solitons in free-space femtosecond enhancement cavities (2019) Lilienfein N, Hofer C, Hoegner M, Saule T, Trubetskov M, Pervak V, Fill E, et al. Journal article Interferometric scattering microscopy reveals microsecond nanoscopic protein motion on a live cell membrane (2019) Taylor RW, Mahmoodabadi RG, Rauschenberger V, Gießl A, Schambony A, Sandoghdar V Journal article
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