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Generating free-space structured light with programmable integrated photonics (2024) Bütow J, Eismann JS, Sharma V, Brandmüller D, Banzer P Journal article Sub-cycle multidimensional spectroscopy of strongly correlated materials (2024) Valmispild VN, Gorelov E, Eckstein M, Lichtenstein AI, Aoki H, Katsnelson MI, Ivanov MY, Smirnova O Journal article In-fibre second-harmonic generation with embedded two-dimensional materials (2022) Ngo GQ, Najafidehaghani E, Gan Z, Khazaee S, Siems MP, George A, Schartner EP, et al. Journal article Observation of light-driven band structure via multiband high-harmonic spectroscopy (2022) Uzan-Narovlansky AJ, Jimenez-Galan A, Orenstein G, Silva REF, Arusi-Parpar T, Shames S, Bruner BD, et al. Journal article Direct observation of the particle exchange phase of photons (2021) Tschernig K, Mueller C, Smoor M, Kroh T, Wolters J, Benson O, Busch K, Perez-Leija A Journal article Sensitive, small, broadband and scalable optomechanical ultrasound sensor in silicon photonics (2021) Westerveld WJ, Mahmud-Ul-Hasan M, Shnaiderman R, Ntziachristos V, Rottenberg X, Severi S, Rochus V Journal article Transverse spinning of unpolarized light (2020) Eismann J, Nicholls LH, Roth DJ, Alonso MA, Banzer P, Rodriguez-Fortuno FJ, Zayats A, et al. Journal article Seven-octave high-brightness and carrier-envelope-phase-stable light source (2020) Elu U, Maidment L, Vamos L, Tani F, Novoa D, Frosz MH, Badikov V, et al. Journal article Lightwave control of topological properties in 2D materials for sub-cycle and non-resonant valley manipulation (2020) Jimenez-Galan A, Silva REF, Smirnova O, Ivanov M Journal article Sub-nanometre resolution in single-molecule photoluminescence imaging (2020) Yang B, Chen G, Ghafoor A, Zhang Y, Zhang Y, Zhang Y, Luo Y, et al. Journal article
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