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Pretreatment and Structuring of Spatial Circuit Carriers Based on Alumina for High Temperatures and High Frequencies (2022) Bräuer P, Stoll T, Muckelbauer M, Hensel A, Franke J Conference contribution Reliability of 3D-Opto-MID Packages for Asymmetric Optical Bus Couplers (2021) Lorenz L, Hanesch F, Nieweglowski K, Hamjah MK, Franke J, Hoffmann GA, Overmeyer L, Bock K Conference contribution Deep Learning assisted quantitative Assessment of the Porosity in Ag-Sinter joints based on non-destructive acoustic inspection (2021) Brand S, Koegel M, Altmann F, Bach L Conference contribution An Analytical Approach to Thermal Design for Manufacturing in Mini Wave Soldering (2021) Seidel R, Sippel M, Franke J Conference contribution Reliability of Printed Microwave Electronics (2021) Neermann S, Franke J, Sippel M, Lomakin K, Gold G Conference contribution Investigation of Pressureless Sintered Interconnections on Plasma Based Additive Copper Metallization for 3-Dimentional Ceramic Substrates for Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors in High Temperature Applications (2020) Schwarzer C, Hensel A, Roth F, Franke J, Kaloudis M Conference contribution Rapid Scan In-Situ FT-IR Curing Studies of Low-Temperature Cure Thin Film Polymer Dielectrics in Solid State (2016) Windrich F, Malanin M, Eichhorn KJ, Voit B Conference contribution 3D rectangular waveguide integrated in embedded Wafer Level Ball Grid Array (eWLB) package (2014) Seler E, Wojnowski M, Hartner W, Bock J, Lachner R, Weigel R, Hagelauer AM Conference contribution