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Welding of glass fibres onto large-scale substrates with high mechanical stability and optical quality (2010) Schaefer L, Schmidt M Conference contribution Frequency-based analysis of weld pool dynamics and keyhole oscillations at laser beam welding of galvanized steel sheets (2010) Kaegeler C, Schmidt M Conference contribution A fast and flexible method for manufacturing 3D molded interconnect devices by the use of a rapid prototyping technology (2010) Amend P, Pscherer C, Rechtenwald T, Frick T, Schmidt M Conference contribution Manufacturing of highly integrated mechatronic modules by using the technology of embedding stereolithography (2010) Rechtenwald T, Frick T, Schmidt M Conference contribution Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy for optical nerve identification - Preliminary ex vivo results for feedback controlled oral and maxillofacial laser surgery (2010) Stelzle F, Zam A, Adler W, Douplik A, Tangermann-Gerk K, Nkenke E, Neukam FW, Schmidt M Conference contribution In vivo soft tissue differentiation by diffuse reflectance spectroscopy: Preliminary results (2010) Zam A, Stelzle F, Adler W, Nkenke E, Neukam FW, Schmidt M, Douplik A, Tangermann-Gerk K Conference contribution SRμCT and MRX analysis of ferrofluid accumulation in bovine arteries: A step further in the understanding of Magnetic Drug Targeting (2010) Rahn H, Lyer S, Tietze R, Richter H, Alexiou C, Eberbeck D, Wiekhorst F, et al. Conference contribution Irradiation system for two-photon induced activation of agents in novel intraocular lenses (2010) Klämpfl F, Roth S, Schmidt M Conference contribution Novel fusion welding technology of glass using ultrashort pulse lasers (2010) Miyamoto A, Cvecek K, Okamoto Y, Schmidt M Conference contribution Advanced laser heat treatment with respect to the application for Tailored Heat Treated Blanks (2010) Nguyen MH, Merklein M Journal article