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Experimental studies on joining thin silver foils by recrystallization using ultrashort laser pulses (2011) Eiselen S, Zimmermann CG, Bechtold P, Schmidt M Journal article Analysis of welding zinc coated steel sheets in zero gap configuration by 3D simulations and high speed imaging (2011) Koch HM, Kägeler C, Otto A, Schmidt M Journal article Influence of processing gas on the ablation quality at ns-laser-beam ablation (2011) Schmidt M, Reg Y, Leitz KH Journal article Metal ablation with short and ultrashort laser pulses (2011) Leitz KH, Redlingshöfer B, Reg Y, Otto A, Schmidt M Journal article Fiber Bragg Gratings in Polarization Maintaining Specialty Fiber for Raman Fiber Lasers (2010) Siekiera A, Engelbrecht R, Neumann R, Schmauß B Journal article Microsphere near-field nanostructuring using picosecond pulses (2010) Leitz KH, Quentin UH, Hornung B, Otto A, Alexeev I, Schmidt M Conference contribution Experimental studies on effects at micro-structuring of highly reflecting metals using nano- and picosecond-lasers (2010) Reg Y, Kaegeler C, Schmidt M Conference contribution Laser based joining of monocrystalline silicon foils (2010) Schaefer L, Tangermann-Gerk K, Koch HM, Hessmann M, Kunz T, Frick T, Schmidt M Conference contribution Application of Bessel beams for ultrafast laser volume structuring of non transparent media (2010) Alexeev I, Leitz KH, Otto A, Schmidt M Conference contribution Influence of the feed rate and the lateral beam displacement on the joining quality of laser-welded copper-stainless steel connections (2010) Weigl M, Schmidt M Conference contribution