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Persistent Conductivity in n-type 3C-SiC Observed at Low Temperatures

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Author(s): Beljakowa S, Hauck M, Bockstedte MG, Fromm F, Hundhausen M, Nagasawa H, Weber HB, Pensl G, Krieger M
Publisher: Trans Tech Publications
Publication year: 2014
Volume: 778-780
Pages range: 265-268
ISSN: 0255-5476
eISSN: 1662-9752


Persistent conductivity in n-type 3C-SiC is investigated in a wide temperature range down to 3 K by Hall effect, admittance spectroscopy, low temperature photoluminescence (LTPL) and Raman spectroscopy. We propose a model, which clearly explains the persistent behavior of the electron density η below 50 K. It is experimentally verified that the persistent conductivity results from doped SF bunches, which can be considered nano-polytype inclusions in 3C-SiC. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

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APA: Beljakowa, S., Hauck, M., Bockstedte, M.G., Fromm, F., Hundhausen, M., Nagasawa, H.,... Krieger, M. (2014). Persistent Conductivity in n-type 3C-SiC Observed at Low Temperatures. Materials Science Forum, 778-780, 265-268.

MLA: Beljakowa, Svetlana, et al. "Persistent Conductivity in n-type 3C-SiC Observed at Low Temperatures." Materials Science Forum 778-780 (2014): 265-268.

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