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Growth of cubic SiC single crystals by the physical vapor transport technique

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Author(s): Semmelroth K, Krieger M, Pensl G, Nagasawa H, Püsche R, Hundhausen M, Ley L, Nerding M, Strunk HP
Publisher: Elsevier
Publication year: 2007
Volume: 308
Pages range: 241-246
ISSN: 0022-0248


Suitable process parameters for the growth of cubic 3C-SiC single crystals via the seeded physical vapor transport (PVT) technique, also known as the modified Lely method, have been determined. Free-standing, 200 μm thick 3C-SiC epilayers with (0 0 1)- or (0 0 1̄)-face grown on undulant Si (0 0 1) as well as 3C-SiC platelets with [1 1 1]- or [1̄ 1̄ 1̄]-orientation grown by thermal decomposition of methyl trichlorosilane in hydrogen were employed as seed crystals. The source material consisted of stoichiometric SiC; in addition, a separate Si source was deposited in the furnace at a temperature of about 1500 °C. The temperature of the seed crystals was kept at about 1900 °C. Stable growth of 3C-SiC bulk material of high crystalline quality was reached on 3C-SiC seed crystals with (0 0 1)-face providing a low density of planar defects and at near-thermal-equilibrium conditions resulting in a reduction of internal stress and as a consequence in avoiding the generation of new extended crystal defects. The growth rate achieved under these conditions was approximately 0.05 mm/h. The nitrogen donor concentration in the grown 3C-SiC crystals was determined to be equal to (2-6)×1018 cm-3. © 2007 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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APA: Semmelroth, K., Krieger, M., Pensl, G., Nagasawa, H., Püsche, R., Hundhausen, M.,... Strunk, H.P. (2007). Growth of cubic SiC single crystals by the physical vapor transport technique. Journal of Crystal Growth, 308, 241-246.

MLA: Semmelroth, Kurt, et al. "Growth of cubic SiC single crystals by the physical vapor transport technique." Journal of Crystal Growth 308 (2007): 241-246.

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