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Influence of the growth conditions on the formation of macro-steps on the growth interface of SiC-Crystals (2021) Arzig M, Künecke U, Salamon M, Uhlmann N, Wellmann P Journal article Numerical forecast of redzone extension in cast silicon ingots in dependence on the purity level of crucible, coating and feedstock (2021) Schwanke S, Trempa M, Schuck K, Kranert C, Mueller M, Reimann C, Kuczynski M, et al. Journal article Factors influencing the gas bubble evolution and the cristobalite formation in quartz glass Cz crucibles for Czochralski growth of silicon crystals (2021) Hirsch A, Schulze M, Sturm F, Trempa M, Reimann C, Friedrich J Journal article Impact of silicon feedstock contamination by gas phase diffusion on material quality of cast silicon ingots (2021) Trempa M, Kranert C, Reimann C, Friedrich J Journal article The multiple stages towards crystal formation of L-glutamic acid (2020) Trinh H, Khuu CQ, Wolf S, Nguyen AT Journal article Influence of the growth interface shape on the defect characteristics in the facet region of 4H-SiC single crystals (2020) Arzig M, Salamon M, Hsiao TC, Uhlmann N, Wellmann P Journal article On the importance of dislocation flow in continuum plasticity models for semiconductor materials (2020) Nguyen BD, Rausch A, Steiner J, Wellmann P, Sandfeld S Journal article Production of high performance multi-crystalline silicon ingots for PV application by using contamination-free SixNy seed particles (2019) Schwanke S, Trempa M, Reimann C, Kuczynski M, Schroll G, Sans J, Friedrich J Journal article Analysis of the geometry of the growth ridges and correlation to the thermal gradient during growth of silicon crystals by the Czochralski-method (2019) Stockmeier L, Kraner C, Fischer P, Epelbaum B, Reiman C, Friedrich J, Ramin G, Miller A Journal article High-temperature corrosion of Inconel (R) Alloy 718, Haynes (R) 282 (R) Alloy and CoWAlloy1&2 in supercritical ammonia/ammonium chloride solutio (2018) Kimmel AC, Malkowski TF, Griffiths S, Hertweck B, Steigerwald T, Freund L, Neumeier S, et al. Journal article