Neamul Hayet Khansur

Thomson Researcher ID: H-9684-2012

Publications (Download BibTeX)

Journal article
Webber K, Voegler M, Khansur NH, et al. (2017)
Review of the mechanical and fracture behavior of perovskite lead-free ferroelectrics for actuator applications
Smart Materials and Structures

Journal article
Ayrikyan A, Kastner A, Khansur NH, et al. (2017)
Lead-Free Multilayer Piezoceramic Composites: Effect of Cosintering on Electromechanical Properties
IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control

Journal article
Khansur NH, Kawashima H, Wada S, et al. (2015)
Enhanced extrinsic domain switching strain in core-shell structured BaTiO3-KNbO3 ceramics
Acta Materialia

Journal article
Khansur NH, Rojac T, Damjanovic D, et al. (2015)
Electric-Field-Induced Domain Switching and Domain Texture Relaxations in Bulk Bismuth Ferrite
Journal of the American Ceramic Society

Journal article
Khansur NH, Hinterstein M, Wang Z, et al. (2015)
Electric-field-induced strain contributions in morphotropic phase boundary composition of (Bi1/2Na1/2)TiO3-BaTiO3 during poling
Applied Physics Letters

Journal article
Khansur NH, Groh C, Jo W, et al. (2014)
Tailoring of unipolar strain in lead-free piezoelectrics using the ceramic/ceramic composite approach
Journal of Applied Physics

Journal article
Yoon MS, Khansur NH, Lee KS, et al. (2012)
Compact size ultrasonic linear motor using a dome shaped piezoelectric actuator
Journal of Electroceramics

Journal article
Yoon MS, Khansur NH, Choi BK, et al. (2009)
The effect of nano-sized BNBT on microstructure and dielectric/piezoelectric properties
Ceramics International

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