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Publisher: Wiley


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Journal issue: 47, Volume: 16, Pages range: 14094-14105
Controlling Optical Properties and Function of BODIPY by Using Asymmetric Substitution Effects (2010)
Bañuelos J, Rodríguez Agarrabetia A, García-Moreno I, et al.

Journal issue: 19, Volume: 16, Pages range: 5607-5612
Photochemistry in Photonic Crystal Fiber Nanoreactors (2010)
Chen JSY, Euser TG, Farrer NJ, et al.

Journal issue: 16, Volume: 16, Pages range: 4784-4792
Synthesis, magnetic properties, and STM spectroscopy of cobalt(II) Cubanes [Co(II) (4)(Cl)(4)(HL)(4)]. (2010)
Scheurer A, Ako AM, Saalfrank R, et al.

Journal issue: 30, Volume: 16, Pages range: 8993-8997
WO3/TiO2 Nanotubes with Strongly Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity (2010)
Paramasivam I, Nah YC, Das C, et al.

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