Ceramics International

Journal Abbreviation: CERAM INT
ISSN: 0272-8842
Publisher: Elsevier


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Bioactive glass coating using aerosol deposition (2019)
Eckstein U, Detsch R, Khansur NH, et al.

Journal issue: 6, Volume: 45, Pages range: 7090-7094
Bioprinted 3D calcium phosphate scaffolds with gentamicin releasing capability (2019)
Meissner R, Bertol L, Ur Rehman MA, et al.

Journal issue: 7, Volume: 45, Pages range: 9491-9496
Pitfalls of determining the elastic properties of stabilized zirconia with indentation methods (2019)
Werbach K, Hummel S, Ebner C, et al.

Journal issue: 13, Volume: 44, Pages range: 16083-16087
Ag containing polydopamine coating on a melt-derived bioactive glass-ceramic: Effect on surface reactivity (2018)
Tejido-Rastrilla R, Baldi G, Boccaccini AR

Journal issue: 2, Volume: 44, Pages range: 2358-2363
Ferroelectric, Ferroelastic, Piezoelectric, and Dielectric Properties of Lead Zirconate Titanate from –150°C to 350°C (2018)
Kaeswurm B, Schader F, Webber K

Journal issue: 16, Volume: 44, Pages range: 19352-19361
Nb2AlC-particle induced accelerated crack healing in ZrO2–matrix composites (2018)
Stumpf M, Fey T, Kakimoto K, et al.

Journal issue: 14, Volume: 44, Pages range: 16295-16301
Room temperature deposition of functional ceramic films on low-cost metal substrate (2018)
Khansur NH, Eckstein U, Benker L, et al.

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