Key Engineering Materials

Abkürzung der Fachzeitschrift: KEY ENG MATER
ISSN: 1013-9826
Verlag: Trans Tech Publications


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Band: 504-506, Seitenbereich: 619-624
Towards inverse form finding methods for a deep drawing steel DC04 (2012)
Germain S, Steinmann P

Band: 473, Seitenbereich: 420-427
Adjusting Optimized Material Properties for Tailored Heat Treated Blanks (2011)
Merklein M, Hung Nguyen

Heftnummer: 493-494, Seitenbereich: 637-642
Ag-doped sol-gel derived novel composite materials for dental applications (2011)
Chatzistavrou X, Paraskevopoulos KM, Salih V, et al.

Band: 454, Seitenbereich: 11-29
On the solution of the 3D crack surface contact problem using the boundary element method (2011)
Weber W, Kolk K, Willner K, et al.

Band: 441, Seitenbereich: 31-52
Carbon nanotube composite scaffolds and coatings for tissue engineering applications (2010)
Boccaccini AR, Gerhardt LC

Band: 410-411, Seitenbereich: 169-176
Enhanced Formability of Ultrafine-Grained Aluminum Blanks by Local Heat Treatments (2009)
Merklein M, Vogt U

Band: 284-286, Seitenbereich: 277-280
Fabrication of hydroxyapatite ceramics with interconnected macro porosity (2005)
Fey T

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