Labour Economics

Journal Abbreviation: LABOUR ECON
ISSN: 0927-5371
Publisher: Elsevier


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Volume: 53, Pages range: 162-171
Do working hours affect health? Evidence from statutory workweek regulations in Germany (2018)
Cygan-Rehm K, Wunder C

Volume: 53, Pages range: 182-197
Paid parental leave and families' living arrangements (2018)
Riphahn RT, Cygan-Rehm K, Kühnle D

Volume: 49, Pages range: 95-105
The dynamics of solo self-employment: Persistence and transition to employership (2017)
Lechmann D, Wunder C

Journal issue: 1, Volume: 39, Pages range: 11-34
Wage mobility in East and West Germany (2016)
Riphahn RT, Schnitzlein DD

Journal issue: 1, Volume: 30, Pages range: 212-222
Do Better Pre-Migration Skills Accelerate Immigrants' Wage Assimilation? (2014)
Hirsch B, Jahn E, Toomet O, et al.

Volume: 29, Pages range: 41-48
Wage bargaining or wage posting? Evidence from the employer's side (2014)
Brenzel H, Gartner H, Schnabel C

Volume: 25, Pages range: 35-48
The effect of education on fertility: Evidence from a compulsory schooling reform (2013)
Cygan-Rehm K, Mäder MG

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