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A Field Experiment on Biases in Food Waste Measurement Methods (2023) Merian S, O'Sullivan K, Stoeckli SJ, Beretta C, Tiefenbeck V, Mueller N, Fleisch E, Natter M Conference contribution, Abstract of lecture The Acceptance of AI-based Recommendations: An Elaboration Likelihood Perspective (2022) Michels L, Ochmann J, Tiefenbeck V, Laumer S Conference contribution The behavioral response to a corporate carbon offset program: A field experiment on adverse effects and mitigation strategies (2020) Günther SA, Staake T, Schöb S, Tiefenbeck V Journal article User behavior in a real-world peer-to-peer electricity market (2020) Ableitner L, Tiefenbeck V, Meeuw A, Wörner A, Fleisch E, Wortmann F Journal article If I Cannot See It, It Is Not There - A Graphical Approach to De-escalating Commitment (2020) Michels L Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Supporting Citizens’ Political Decision-Making Using Information Visualisation (2020) Graf V, Graf-Drasch V, Tiefenbeck V, Weitzel R, Fridgen G Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Energy conservation: Real-time feedback reduces energy consumption among the broader public without financial incentives (2019) Tiefenbeck V, Wörner A, Schöb S, Fleisch E, Staake T Journal article Trading solar energy within the neighborhood: Field implementation of a blockchain-based electricity market (2019) Wörner A, Ableitner L, Meeuw A, Wortmann F, Tiefenbeck V Conference contribution, Conference Contribution How far along are local energy markets in the DACH+ region? A comparative market engineering approach (2019) Weinhardt C, Mengelkamp E, Cramer W, Hambridge S, Hobert A, Kremers E, Otter W, et al. Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Peer-to-peer energy trading in the real world: Market design and evaluation of the user value proposition. Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Systems (2019) Wörner A, Ableitner L, Meeuw A, Wortmann F, Tiefenbeck V Conference contribution, Conference Contribution
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