Adhesion strength of ductile thin film determined by cross-sectional nanoindentation

Zhao D, Letz S, Jank M, März M (2024)

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2024


Book Volume: 270

Article Number: 109103

DOI: 10.1016/j.ijmecsci.2024.109103


Cross-sectional nanoindentation (CSN) is a powerful tool for measuring the adhesion strength of thin films. However, a quantitative assessment of interfacial properties for metal thin films on brittle substrates remains a challenge due to thin film ductility. In this work, we present a hierarchical analysis method to account for plastic dissipation during delamination. According to our observations, the CSN-induced wedge geometry is more complex than what is currently presented in literature. Therefore, we develop a three-dimensional finite element (FE) modelling strategy to simulate CSN-induced delamination. Furthermore, we present the mode mixity distribution during CSN measurement based on our simulation results. We find that a purely experimental assessment of adhesion strength by CSN for ductile thin films is imprecise due to the adhesion strength-dependent stress-state in this characterization technique. By using our combined experimental and numerical approach, the adhesion strength of EBPVD-deposited Al thin film on SiO2/Si substrate is determined as 0.577 J/m2 and an additional 20 nm thick Ti adhesion layer enhances its adhesion strength to 16.4 J/m2.

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Zhao, D., Letz, S., Jank, M., & März, M. (2024). Adhesion strength of ductile thin film determined by cross-sectional nanoindentation. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 270.


Zhao, Dawei, et al. "Adhesion strength of ductile thin film determined by cross-sectional nanoindentation." International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 270 (2024).

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