Bounded-Magnitude Discrete Fourier Transform [Tips & Tricks]

Schlecht SJ, Valimaki V, Habets E (2023)

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2023


Book Volume: 40

Pages Range: 46-49

Journal Issue: 3

DOI: 10.1109/MSP.2022.3228526


Analyzing the magnitude response of a finite-length sequence is a ubiquitous task in signal processing. However, the discrete Fourier transform (DFT) provides only discrete sampling points of the response characteristic. This work introduces bounds on the magnitude response, which can be efficiently computed without additional zero padding. The proposed bounds can be used for more informative visualization and inform whether additional frequency resolution or zero padding is required.

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Schlecht, S.J., Valimaki, V., & Habets, E. (2023). Bounded-Magnitude Discrete Fourier Transform [Tips & Tricks]. IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, 40(3), 46-49.


Schlecht, Sebastian J., Vesa Valimaki, and Emanuël Habets. "Bounded-Magnitude Discrete Fourier Transform [Tips & Tricks]." IEEE Signal Processing Magazine 40.3 (2023): 46-49.

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